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Patty Duncan 
Family Over Violence Organization 

Patty Duncan is the Executive Director for the Family Violence Prevention organization in Batesville, Arkansas. Mrs. Duncan and her team are able to provide the small town of Batesville with a population of 11,000 with essential crisis services such as; outreach services, shelter, and support groups. 

Patty Duncan’s passion to help those in need came from an early childhood experience where she was a survivor of sexual and later a survivor of domestic abuse. Mrs. Duncan began her career as the Sexual Assault Victims Services Coordinator at the Family Violence Prevention organization in 2009; however, her passion to assist survivors of sexual assault quickly helped her settle into a position of Assistant Director/Court Advocate before accepting her current position. 

Among Mrs. Duncan’s career successes, her work opening the Taylor House makes her a pioneer in the community of professionals advocating and providing awareness and services for male survivors of domestic violence. On October 2015, the very first men’s domestic violence shelter in the country was opened, providing resources and a safe place for male survivors. To date the Taylor House has provided shelter for over 60 men, and continues to provide the much needed support for this underserved population. Her innovation has brought awareness causing other organizations and states to take notice; allowing her to use her experience and knowledge to consult with other organization in order to develop similar shelters for men in other parts of the nation. 

Patty Duncan has had over 350 hours of domestic violence and sexual assault continuing education training units, and is a 2010 graduate of Arkansas Victims Assistance Academy. Mrs. Duncan actively uses her education and trainings to sit on Board of the Arkansas Coalition against Domestic Violence and is an Advisory Committee Member of Arkansas Coalition against Sexual Assault. 

On her free time Mrs. Duncan enjoys spending time with her husband of 19 years Keith, their 3 children, and 7 grandchildren. 

“When the world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” -Unknown Author