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In 2015, Psycharts, Inc. in partnership with PCITI presented the first annual Summit on Community Resiliency, Intervention, Prevention and Training (SCRIPT). SCRIPT is an annual conference that is offered free to the public. It provides an opportunity for professionals and community members to come together to address social issues on a local level. The first SCRIPT emphasized caring for male survivors of abuse and trauma. The response from attendees was so overwhelming that conference directors felt compelled to keep the male survivor focus going forward. To date over 400 people have received training through SCRIPT in areas that include gang intervention, crime prevention, the treatment and prevention of child abuse, and more.

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​More than 60% of the population has experienced at least one adverse childhood experience. Evidence suggests that abuse, neglect and other types of adverse experiences are significant risk factors for later physical and mental health problems including drug and/or alcohol abuse, criminal activity, suicide attempts, domestic violence, cancer and heart disease. The costs to society associated with child abuse and neglect exceed $124 billion per year. Additionally of course, adults also experience abuse and trauma in various ways.



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Unfortunately the communities that experience the most trauma are often those with the fewest resources to treat its effects. SCRIPT is committed to the treatment and prevention of trauma by facilitating collaboration between researchers, practitioners, government and community agencies. Together we can end the cycle of abuse and trauma that continues to plague our society.


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