Summer Brantner 

Awarded to an individual or team that has assisted communities/individuals in taking the next steps in life by demonstrating commitment to addressing community needs through intervention and advocating for peaceful solutions to violence. The commitment is through the implementation of exceptional program(s) that engage the community to improve and foster restorative initiates.

Awarded to individuals who have demonstrated how the training has positively affected the efficiency and effectiveness though academics. Approaches to teaching and the support of learning that influence, motivate and inspire students to learn. Development of curricula, resources or services that reflect a command of the field. Evaluation practices that bring about improvements in teaching and learning. Innovation, leadership or scholarship that has influenced and enhanced learning and teaching and/or the student experience.

2023 Winners 


Anthony Porter 

Nominations OPEN

The HOPE AWARDS Until 08/01/24


Jeff Stein

HOPE Awards at the SCRIPT conference are a special awards given to recognize individuals who have inspired others in 3  different categories: 

Education and Training

Community Engagement


Awarded to an individual that has demonstrated that innovation has contributed to a more efficient way of doing things. The creativity should be creative and original. The innovation adds to the community by reducing violence, reducing costs and uses data that will validate the effectiveness of the innovation



Summit on Community Resilience, Intervention, Prevention, and Training